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Can you name the city by the literal translations of their stations

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Station namesCityActual station names
Eastern Stream, Nine Dragons, Prosperous Corner
East Cross, Frederick Street, Potsdam Square
New Lodge, Meadow of Autumn Leaves, Upper Field
North Station, Pyramids, Saint Michael-Our Lady
Little Monastery, High City, Constitution
Gate of Heavenly Peace (East), Prince's Mansion Well, Gate Facing the Sun
South of the River, Great East Gate, Capital City
Communist Union of Youth, Library of Lenin, Clean Ponds
Station namesCityActual station names
Country House, Avenue of the Americas, Sun
Good View, Big Swamp, Washing Place
Institute of Petroleum, Apricot, Between Flags
Plum Field, Bridge of the Sun's Origin, New Large Slope
Western Gate, Pine Mountain Airport, Scholar Forest
Moonlit Square, Open Field, Central
Wynnman's Hill, Wet Forest, Western Church

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