Ships from Star Wars: TIE Fighter

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Can you name the Ships from Star Wars: TIE Fighter?

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Alpha 1 
Gamma 1 
Beta 1 
Tau 1 
Alpha 1 
Alpha 1 
Mu 1 
Imperial Capital Ship
Garrett, Stalwart 
Protector, Sceltor 
Red Claw, Harpax 
Rebel/Other Capital Ship
Knights, Lutdze, Link 
Lulsa, Warhawk 
Universal Capital Ship
Implacable, Fogger 
Ludwick, Osprey 
Perfect, Grappler, Vorknkx 
Phoenix, Wurger 
Glas, Ranger 1 
Ayenzii, Nuance, Red Dog 
Tropsobor, Hininbirg 
Kingdom 1, Yaai, Z-Pata 1 
Rhamat, Dargon, Doomer 
Asbo, SoroSuub 
Gallon, Romold, Wess 
Gargon, Starway, Dayta 
Shark, Sword, Mako 
Omlaut, Derris, Phantele 
Post, Red Knight 
Geddawai, Lucky Day 
Other Craft
Heavy Lifter 
Rebel/Pirate Fighters
Red 1, Blue 1 
Gold 1, Charlie 1 
Yellow 1, Gold 1 
Green 1, Red 1 
Baker 1, Adam 1 
D-34, Youst 

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