MLB 40 HR, >.300 Batting Average Season (Since 2000)

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Can you name the MLB players with 40 HR, >.300 Batting Average Season (Since 2000) ?

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YearPlayerHomeruns/Batting AVG.
2000hr:50 avg:.320
2000hr:49 avg:.306
2000hr:37 avg:.310
2000hr:44 avg:.345
2000hr:44 avg:.314
2000hr:43 avg:.333
2000hr:43 avg:.325
2000hr:43 avg:.328
2000hr:42 avg:.372
2000hr:41 avg:.344
2000hr:41 avg:.316
2001hr:73 avg:.328
2001hr:64 avg:.328
2001hr:57 avg:.325
2001hr:52 avg:.318
2001hr:49 avg:.336
2001hr:41 avg:.306
2001hr:41 avg:.306
2002hr:57 avg:.300
2002hr:52 avg:.304
2002hr:46 avg:.370
2002hr:41 avg:.314
2003hr:45 avg:.341
YearPlayerHomeruns/Batting AVG.
2003hr:43 avg:.328
2003hr:43 avg:.359
2003hr:42 avg:.302
2004hr:48 avg:.334
2004hr:46 avg:.331
2004hr:45 avg:.362
2004hr:43 avg:.308
2004hr:42 avg:.301
2004hr:41 avg:.301
2005hr:48 avg:.321
2005hr:47 avg:.300
2005hr:46 avg:.335
2005hr:43 avg:.301
2005hr:41 avg:.330
2006hr:58 avg:.313
2006hr:49 avg:.331
2006hr:45 avg:.315
2006hr:44 avg:.315
2006hr:42 avg:.308
2007hr:54 avg:.314
2009hr:47 avg:.327
2010hr:42 avg:.312
2011hr:43 avg:.302

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