Minimal pairs: -olve & -olution

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Can you name the pairs of related words ending in -olve and -olution?

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to find the answer, as for a puzzle; the answer found
to bring to a (usually) successful conclusion, such as an argument; such a conclusion
to break up, as a bond or union; such a breaking up
to forgive the sins of; the act of forgiving
to change over time; the process of such a change
to orbit around a central point; one such period of orbit
to deteriorate gradually; such degeneration (Biol.)
to engage as a participant; intricacy
to roll together or coil up; a part that is folded or coiled
(of two minerals in solid solution) to separate from one another at a critical point in temperature; such a process
Challenge: relaxation (no related '-olve' form)

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