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US Citizen Existence
Maintain It As One
Fortuitous Astral Body
Everything Succeeds
Bound Upward
Similar to a Supplication
Worldly Young Female
240 Seconds
Good-looking Unknown Person
Refrain From Saying Things to Yours Truly
Rival of Glamour
Cold As Ice
Being Consumed by Flames
Nuts About Thee
Bare Your Blood Pumping Organ
Refrain From Pity Land of Buenos Aires
More and More Profoundly
Sweet Boutique
Nighty-night Tale
Hold Dearly
The Way Homosapiens Behave
Dad Save the Rhetoric
Joyous Get Together
Remain in the Here and Now to Narrate
Actually Indigo
Toward the Interior of the Long Narrow Furrow
Not Dissimilar to a Chaste Woman
Ended the Call
Expire a Different 24 Hour Period
Beelzebub Might Have Trouble Identifying You
Rationalize the Strong Feelings I Have

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