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Can you name the Judas Priest song title (1990 and earlier)?

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ClueCompletionStudio Album
Before the __________
Rock __________
Rocka __________
__________ and Rust
White Heat, Red __________
(Take These) __________
__________ By You, Better Than Me
Evening __________
Night __________
Delivering the __________
Beyond the __________ of Death
Buzzer Beater: What is my favorite JP album, based on number of songs represented herein?
__________ Plains
Freewheel __________
Take on the __________
Hell __________ for Leather
The Green __________
Wild Nights, Hot & __________ Days
ClueCompletionStudio Album
__________ Eye
Metal __________
__________ It Down
Riding on the __________
__________ Me Alive
A __________ of Evil
__________ After Midnight
Here Come the __________
Dreamer __________
__________ of Changes
Breaking the __________
Love __________
Devil's __________
Metal __________
Hot __________
Turbo __________
Heading Out to the __________

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