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DescriptionSymbol (all Roman letters)
Alveolar trill
Palatal approximant
Voiceless velar fricative
Front close rounded vowel
Voiced bilabial plosive
Front close unrounded vowel
Voiced labiodental fricative
Voiceless alveolar fricative
Voiceless glottal fricative
Alveolar nasal
Voiceless bilabial plosive
Voiceless velar plosive
Voiceless alveolar plosive
DescriptionSymbol (all Roman letters)
Alveolar lateral approximant
Back mid rounded vowel
Front open unrounded vowel
Voiced alveolar plosive
Voiceless labiodental fricative
Voiced labial-velar approximant
Front mid unrounded vowel
Back close rounded vowel
Bilabial nasal
Voiced alveolar fricative
Voiced velar plosive
Voiceless palatal plosive

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