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I love Chinese food with ________ sour sauce.
80s hit: ________ (So Far Away)
Is that for here or ________?
A sick diva will ________ tune.
Would you rather hear ________ more rap music?
Do you prefer ________ Meal or Cream of Wheat?
If you want to fix your ________ have to have patella surgery on both.
If you're suffering from ________ should see a doctor.
60s song lyric: She's my ________ girl
She put on a gween top and a ________ pants.
Hey cameraman! ________ or did'ya zoom that last shot?
I'm not sure if it ________ or fake.
She has a ________ the oven, due in June.
This ________ he played three, he played knick knack on my knee
Are you for women's ________ a chauvinist?
I'd like a ________ finest soup, please.
________ finish those fries, or can I have them?
The 2000 election left the country hanging by a ________.
Led Zep: Babe I'm ________ Leave You
They should neither measure ________ the newborn before cleaning him off.
This recipe calls for a ________ bouillon.
Did you throw ________ stupid enough to throw a large rock?
He's bacteria free, doesn't have that ________ more.
She's bi, she's dating a ________ girl.
Cornbread goes great with ________.
ClueCountryCorrect equivalent
When he went shopping at the ________ ate in the food court.
Whenever we play pool, ________ and Joe breaks first.
Take off one ________ one sock at a time.
________ is the word, says Frankie Valli!
I'll drive a ________ long as they keep making Civics.
The chimp picked a ________ out of her sister's fur.
I don't mean to ________ but hurry up!
What happened? ________ mistake?
UNICEF helps ________ children worldwide
In some science fiction tales, the ________ take over humans!
________ fall off when you were shakin it on the dancefloor?
Lily had a bowl of ________ for breakfast.
She ________ finger with a knife.
Mmm, this is good! Can I have ________?
Do ________ your neck to see over the dashboard?
Every fall the President 'pardons' a ________.
On Seinfeld, Elaine made a Christmas card which showed her ________.
If you want to buy a ________ look at the Nissan Quest.
Don't make any ________ movements.
Brother ________ spare a dime?
She sells ________ by the seashore
I hate to make ________, but please give me one minute more.
Put on a sweater ________ a jacket, it's cold out!
If you don't want a hangover, don't ________ on tonight.
First read the question, ________ your answer on the sheet.

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