His Dark Materials Dæmons

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Can you name the Dæmons from 'His Dark Materials'?

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CharacterSettled FormName
Lyra BelacquaPantalaimon
Will ParryKirjava
Lord AsrielStelmaria
Mrs. CoulterOzymandias
Roger Parslow*Salcilia
Mary MaloneNever named
Ma CostaNever named
John FaaNever named
Farder CoramSophonax
CharacterSettled FormName
Serafina PekkalaKaisa
Lee ScoresbyHester
The MasterLeonor
John ParrySayan Kötör
Carlo BorealNever named
Fra PavelNever named
Father Hugh MacPhailNever named
Father Luis GomezNever named
King OgunweNever named

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