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I love to eat and I love to drink, I own a butchery and brewery, which means I love people who love to eat and drink. And If I could make it a...Von Aigner (4)
Yeah, revolutions can really **** up your...Gabriel Knight (3)
Don't you think it is ironic that a grape, or even a dog or a cat should be so carefully bred, but that most humans depend on such a...Excelsior Montreaux (4)
And now you are thinking: How modest! How petite! And of course...Lady Howard (2)
Thomas? Herr Dr. Klingmann Here...Dr. Klingmann (6)*
The local cemetaries are quite dangeous. I would avoid going there alone...Dr. John (4)
I'm sorry, but Gabriel is a lout...Grace Nakimura (4)
So, When I sees one of these maps, I says to my self: 'John', I says...John Wilks (3)
QuoteLineCharacter (# missing)
Does anyone else hear Twilight Zone music...Franklin Mosely (5)
You put a civilized man in the woods, and he's comparably...Von Glower (4)
Bullshit! Hunting is a matter of the spirit,...Von Zell (2)
There are only two things that redeem you: First- that you have Ritter blood in your veins, Second-...Dragon (7)
I'd rather have no hair...Franklin Mosely (4)
You've already got me...Gabriel Knight (3)
It'll get easier, though...Gabriel Knight (4)

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