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'I prayed every night to be hotter. This isn't what I meant'
'You don't know what I got'
'Who is Sophia Michelle?'
'This school's not normal. You're not normal either.'
'No one can kill disco'
'Nope, you failed'
'They cancelled the Internet'
'You people give me a rash'
'Be that squirrel in my office again.'
'We knew we had to be good, now we have to be perfect.'
'What's that supposed to mean.'
'When is the last time you shaved under your arms.'
'I live in this RV'
'Why did you bring that one.'
'The song was your present.'
'Say cheese'
'What do we got. What do we got.'
'Do you want me to juice your bagel.'
'Whatever it takes, cupcake.'
'I don't sweat.'

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