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'Hello, Ridgeway, I am XXXXX'
'I don't play to get even, Mama plays to win
'You're going down, hard.'
'I like to dance, with my shirt off.'
'Quack, quack, quack.'
'You'll rue this day Carly Shay. You'll rue it.'
'You wish it was water.'
'Carly was my best friend first and I'm taking her back.'
'OK Benson, you're too nice.'
'Oh yeah, a huh, What's up, what's up, what's up.'
'I don't think Fred is all that funny.'
'How long are you gonna keep me waiting... Who's she.'
'I used to compete in beauty pageants.'
'Yeah, they have duck stores.'
'You want a bagel.'
'I don't think Spencer is all that responible.'
'My lifelong dream is to open a haberdashery.'
'You know I don't like you handling tools.'
'He outsmarted all of us.'
'I've been fired.'
'I can learn to be less loud.'
'You wipe that look off your face.'

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