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Bounce a ball off one podium, hit the other to make it turn white
Swap the balls in each container before time runs out
Bounce a ball once on the floor and into a container
Walk on a circular beam but don't fall off
A ball is fired fast and randomly at the player; catch it
Swing a ball around to knock off the other ball
In a few seconds, roll the ball into the target zone; don't go too fast or too slow
When the floor turns red, press a button in a fraction of a second
Type a phrase using a large rearranged keyboard
1,000 balls fall in your face; catch the white one
Pass the rod through the rings without touching them
On a tall column, mark the midpoint
Build a tower of ten rods
Step on the squares in the order shown
While standing on a turntable, throw a ball into a container
Take out the 500 balls from the container before time runs out
Press a button precisely 20 times in five seconds
Follow the track on the floor, which you only see once
Walk along a beam without falling off
Many squares appear on the floor for a short time; count them
Throw the cube over the wall and into the container
Stop the ball between the pins
Hit the right button to match the color on the floor
Stop the timer around the specified time without seeing it
Step over obstacles while blindfolded
Throw a cube into a high basket
Squares appear on the floor, then reappear with one missing; place a cube where that missing square is
Stand on a beam for the specified time
Move a beam to roll a ball into the container
Carry a box with a tube inside without letting the ball fall out
The floor turns blue consistently, then turns invisible halfway while turning blue; stop it between the red lines
Move a hoop around a circular ring, but don't touch the ring with the hoop
Pick up balls from the floor; place them in the container before time runs out
Add up all the squares that flash row by row
Stop the timer exactly at a specified time; you can see it here
Step on a pad quickly when one of the two turns red
Roll a ball along a beam with one finger
Raise a tube using pulleys, but don't let the ball inside fall out
Carry two stacked cylinders without letting the top one fall
Stand in the corner, catch the ball in the container
Use the block to copy the construction shown on the floor
Guide a hoop along a bar, but don't touch the bar with the hoop
Drop a ball into a container, from a few feet above
Throw the cube into the basket
Walk blindfolded without touching the poles
Roll a ball to stop in the marked zone
Roll the ball on the track and into the container
Balance a ball on a tile while touching all the squares on the floor
Catch two balls fired from opposite sides
Blindfolded, hold out a lighted pen and walk to the wall - put the pen inside the marked space
Throw a ring over the short pole
Roll the ball on the table; have it hit the end and come back in between the red lines
Throw the ball over your head and into the container
Hit five sensors before the time runs out
Throw a ball through a diamond hole to break the glass
Bounce a ball off the panel and catch it
Squares flash for half a second; count how many with photographic memory
Guide a bar between two sets of poles without letter the bar touch them
Count how many times the square flashes
Walk while blindfolded, but don't step over the lines
Put the balls into the hole before time runs out
Don't be distracted by blue squares so you can find the red one
Move one of eight blocks at a time to move the stack
The floor turns red from the center to the outside; stop it when the entire floor is red
Using one finger, flick the ball into the container
Throw a ball onto a podium
Throw a ball into a revolving cylinder
Roll a ball along a ledge and into a hole
Stand on a platform with only one foot
Blow a ball from a podium into a container
A square turns blue then back to red, then they all shuffle around - pick the right square
Bounce a ball off two columns and into a container
Bounce a ball on the floor so it can break the glass above it
Stomp on the pressure pad to shoot the ball and catch it
Roll the disk into the target zone
Put the ball at the top of the tube and catch it at the other end
Carry the tube without letting the two balls fall out
When the floor turns red, throw five balls at a panel in five seconds
The square travels around the cube; stop it in the right spot
Before time runs out, transfer the left tower to the right column
Step on the squares in the order shown, which you see once
Press button, run to other corner, catch balls

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