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Favorite Sporcle country bordering Kyrgyzstan
In conjunction with each other
Outward manner
Average, ordinary
Unbalanced or inadequate intake of nutrients
Based on ions
Five-cent coin
Temperature scale used by scientists
Acidic liquid used in cooking
To rinse with liquid in the back of the throat
Secluded narrow valley
To make longer
Minion, right-hand man
Imperfection (plural)
Narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas
Strength, power
Get a shirt with a higher neckline to cover this up, or a lower one to show it
Representative, or a spy, perhaps
Eager, excited
You can have one to get in the movies, or for driving too fast
Percussion instrument that can change pitch
Low rolling sound; thunder, perhaps
For grinding food
To impede progress
Disease, illness
Amusing, enjoyable

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