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He's a lawyer who is forced back to school when his original degree is found lacking.Joel McHale
The main character created the Spanish study group as a way to woo this opinionated student.Gillian Jacobs
He makes constant pop culture references, helpful as he wants to make movies. Speaks in a monotone.Danny Pudi
An overachiever in high school, a pill addiction and nervous breakdown led her to Greendale.Alison Brie
He's gone back to school after a lifetime of running a moist towelette empire.Chevy Chase
He's a fairly dim former football star who wound up at Greendale after an injury.Donald Glover
She's a recently divorced mother of two who likes gossip and baking.Yvette Nicole Brown
He's a Spanish professor who often berates students in class. Rides a scooter.Ken Jeong
He's the Dean of Greendale Community College. Bald and sexually ambiguous.Jim Rash
This often shirtless hippie dated two members of the study group before transfering to a school in Delaware to play hackey sack.Eric Christian Olsen
This member of an alternate study group is best known by a nickname referencing his unusual facial hairDino Stamatopoulos
She's a statistics professor who has dated the main character.Lauren Stamile

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