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CountriesOdd oneCriterion
A) Cameroon - B) Ecuador - C) Ethiopia - D) New ZealandThe largest city isn't the capital
A) Bulgaria - B) Croatia - C) Latvia - D) IcelandMember of the European Union
A) Ecuador - B) Equatorial Guinea - C) Panama - D) TogoSpanish is an official language
A) Malaysia - B) Qatar - C) Taiwan - D) United StatesHad the tallest building in the world
A) Canada - B) Guinea - C) Haiti - D) SudanFrench is an official language
A) Estonia - B) Mongolia - C) Norway - D) RussiaColdest extreme temperature below -50C
A) Costa Rica - B) Cuba - C) Jamaica - D) MexicoVisited by Christopher Columbus
A) Colombia - B) Egypt - C) Niger - D) PakistanLarger than one million km²
A) Kazakhstan - B) Nigeria - C) Syria - D) TanzaniaCapital relocated in 2nd half 20th century
A) Angola - B) Burkina Faso - C) Ghana - D) ZimbabweRenamed country
A) Bahrain - B) Dominican Republic - C) Japan - D) NetherlandsPopulation density above 300 per km²
A) Brunei - B) Iraq - C) Kuwait - D) LibyaMember of the OPEC
A) Cambodia - B) Paraguay - C) Portugal - D) SomaliaPopulation larger than 10 million
A) Kosovo - B) Lebanon - C) Monaco - D) MoroccoBorders the Mediterranean Sea
A) Bangladesh - B) Belarus - C) Senegal - D) UruguayHighest point below 1000 meter
A) Germany - B) Romania - C) Slovakia - D) SloveniaThe Danube flows through it
A) Guyana - B) Philippines - C) Sierra Leone - D) Sri LankaMember of Commonwealth of Nations
A) Benin - B) Liberia - C) Luxembourg - D) TunisiaEast of the Prime Meridian
A) Albania - B) Hungary - C) Poland - D) SerbiaFormer member of the Warsaw Pact
A) China - B) Honduras - C) Singapore - D) VenezuelaIts flag has exactly five stars

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