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Can you name the the mobs of minecraft?

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at light level 7 or lowergunpowder
at light level 7 or lowerrotten flesh, rare iron drops
at light level 7 or lowerarrow, bone, bow
at light level 7 or lowerspider eye, string
at light level 7 or lowerspider eye, string, bone, bow, arrow
near bedrockslimeball
when a creeper is stuck by lightninggunpowder
mob spawnerstring, spider eye
at night at light level 7 or lower/endenderpearl
when pig is struck by lightning/nethergold nugget, rotten flesh, rare gold drops
netherghast tear, gunpowder
nethermagma cream
mob spawnerblaze rod
two snow blocks with a pumpkin on topsnowballs
npc villagesiron ingot
npc villagesn/a
grassraw porkchop
grassraw beef, leather
grassraw chicken, feathers
grass,leaves in jungle biomesn/a
taiga, tundran/a

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