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Can you name the character from 'Supernatural' who has died?

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Forced Order
Died from...CharacterEpisode Title
Died from food poisoning Mystery Spot
Run over by a car Mystery Spot
Obliterated by ArchangelsLucifer Rising
Mauled by a dog Mystery Spot
Shot by a muggerMystery Spot
Shot by huntersDark Side of the Moon
Shot by the owner of the 'Mystery Spot' Mystery Spot
Crushed by a falling desk Mystery Spot
Fell in the showerMystery Spot
Neck snapped by LuciferSwan Song
Impaled by Sam Mystery Spot
Killed with Sam's demonic powersOn the Head of a Pin
Shot by Dean All Hell Breaks Loose (Pt 2)
Burned to death on her and Sam's bedroom ceiling Pilot
Sold soul to Azazel In My Time of Dying
Impaled by Dean Point of No Return
Neck snapped by Azazel In the Beginning
Dies in an explosion Abandon All Hope
Neck snapped by JakeAll Hell Breaks Loose (Pt 1)
Killed in a car accident In My Time of Dying
Electrocuted Mystery Spot
Exorcised by Dean Devil's Trap
Pulled into hell by Sam Swan Song
Died from...CharacterEpisode Title
Mauled by hell houndsNo Rest for the Wicked
Decapitated by Sam Fresh Blood
Shot by huntersDark Side of the Moon
Chokes to death Mystery Spot
Inadvertently axed by Sam Mystery Spot
Exploded by LuciferSwan Song
Shot by Sam All Hell Breaks Loose (Pt 2)
'Sent away' by Lilith No Rest for the Wicked
Incinerated by MichaelThe Song Remains the Same
Neck snapped by LuciferThe End
Jumped into the pits of hellSwan Song
Mauled by hellhoundsAbandon All Hope
Stabbed by Dean Lucifer Rising
Stabbed by Anna On the Head of a Pin
Killed by a demon under Ava's controls All Hell Breaks Loose (Pt 1)
Stabbed by a demonDeath Takes a Holiday
Obliterated by Lilith Jus in Bello
Burned to death on the ceiling of Sam's nursery Pilot
Killed with Sam's demonic powersLucifer Rising
Stabbed to DeathAll Hell Breaks Loose (Pt 1)
Impaled by AnnaThe Song Remains the Same
Killed in Explosion of the RoadhouseAll Hell Breaks Loose (Pt 1)

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