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'Hello'LanguageContinents where spoken..
こんにちは (Konnichiwa)Asia
好 (Ni hao)Asia
BonjourEurope, Africa, Americas, Oceania
HelloAll continents
Guten TagEurope
MerhabaEurope, Asia
HolaEurope, Americas, Africa
Buon giornoEurope
Bom diaEurope, Americas, Africa
'Hello'LanguageContinents where spoken..
안녕하세요 (Ahn nyeong ha se yo)Asia
(assalam alykum)السلام عليكم Asia, Africa
WitajEurope [STARTS WITH 'P']
Sat sri akalAsia [STARTS WITH 'P']
JamboAfrica [STARTS WITH 'S']
नमस्ते, (Namaste)Asia [STARTS WITH 'H']
Kia oraOceania, Australia [STARTS WITH 'M']

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