Urinal Survival Test (World Edition)

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Enter the male toilets in the following languages?

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Number 1 or 2Male ToiletLanguage
Zhenskiy or MuzhskoyRussian
Ženi or MužeCzech
Wanawake or WanaumeSwahili
Burra or GraAlbanian
Dynion or MerchedWelsh
Ginaikṓn or AndrṓnGreek
Tāgata or PerempuanTuvaluan
Meestele or NaisteleEstonian
Vīriešu or SieviešuLatvian
Perempuan or LelakiMalay
Hamman lirrijal or Hamman linnisa'aArabic
Ženske or MoškiSlovenian
Ladies or GentlemenEnglish
Férfiak or NőkHungarian
Number 1 or 2Male ToiletLanguage
Panowie or PaniePolish
Chaai or YĭngThai
Herren or DamenGerman
Fir or MnáIrish*
Uomini or DonneItalian
Pria or WanitaIndonesian
Mahilāẽ or PurushHindi
Konur or KarlarIcelandic
Nǚ or NánChinese
Otoko or OnnaJapanese
Nisa or RgielMaltese
Erkekler or BayanlarTurkish
Señoras or CaballerosSpanish

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