Is She a Real Bond or a Fake?

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Can you name the real James Bond girls from the fake ones?

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Bond GirlReal or Fake
Honey Ryder
Angela Heavenly
Tanya Bodie
Eva Forple
Chew Mee
Amanda Love
Fiona Volpe
Pussy Galore
Jenny Flex
Maria Sunshine
Gracie Stringer
Emma Ginit
Jane Blondage
Tess Volga
Maud Riggler
Xenia Onatopp
Celia Rocket
Rosie Koster
Penelope Smallbone
Tiffany Case
Molly Warmflash
Bond GirlReal or Fake
Miranda Frost
Plenty O'Toole
Mary Goodnight
Holly Goodhead
Penny Lane
Tao Chi Fee Li
Maxie Horne
Kissy Suzuki
Candy Gloss
Vesper Lynd
Wai Lin
Lisa Lovler
Christmas Jones
Strawberry Fields
Mandy Bendle
Elektra King
Melanie Malestrom
Dee Cupperfield
Miss Caruso
Bibi Dahl

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