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Can you name the famous people or characters that have 7 letters in both their first and last name?

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Lead singer of the British rock band 'Queen'
Canadian actor - captain of the USS Enterprise
US president assassinated in Ford's Theatre
Nobel Prize winning writer - 'The Jungle Book'
Female star of the Twilight film series
He lived in Neverland with a chimp called Bubbles
Author - 'Hard Times' & 'Great Expectations'
TV star & comedian - 'The ______ Report'
Oscar winning US actress - 'Black Swan'
Singer - 'Crazy in Love'
Principal school teacher in The Simpsons
Author of 'The Hunger Games' trilogy
Convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing
Lead singer of Las Vegas rock band 'The Killers'
President of France from 2007 - 2012
Real name of The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr
Female singer & star of the TV show 'Newlyweds'
Founder & face of the fast food chain KFC
US singer - 'I Will Always Love You'
US Olympian - 200m & 400m gold medal winner in 1996
Iconic 20th century US artist of abstract/drip paintings
Legend of the silent film era - 'Modern Times'
The US Secretary of State
Recently separated from Johnny Depp
Actor - 'I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti'

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