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Can you name the famous people or characters that have 7 letters in both their first and last names?

Updated Oct 10, 2015

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Lead singer of the British rock band 'Queen'
Canadian actor - 'Star Trek' captain
US president assassinated in Ford's Theatre
Nobel Prize winning writer - 'The Jungle Book'
Female star of the Twilight film series
His Thriller album is the world’s best-selling record of all time
Author - 'Hard Times' & 'Great Expectations'
TV star & comedian - 'The ______ Report'
Oscar winning actress - 'Black Swan'
Singer - 'Crazy in Love'
Bart & Lisa's school principal in The Simpsons
Convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing
Lead singer of Las Vegas rock band 'The Killers'
President of France from 2007 - 2012
Female singer and star of the TV show 'Newlyweds'
Founder and face of the fast food chain KFC
US singer - 'I Will Always Love You'
Legend of the silent film era - 'Modern Times'
US Secretary of State from 2009 - 2013
Actor - 'I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti'

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