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Can you name the famous people or characters that have 6 letters in both their first and last name?

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Movie star 'Fight Club' & 'American History X'
Female leader of Germany
British author - 'Animal Farm'
40th US president
Roman leader assassinated on the 'Ides of March'
Playwright once married to Marilyn Monroe
Leader of the Soviet Union during WWII
She played Princess Leia
Canadian pop singer of 'Baby' and others
NY Yankees baseball legend from 1951 - 1968
It sat on a wall (briefly)
Iconic figure of the Protestant Reformation
Character played by Courtney Cox in 'Friends'
Famous US inventor (1847 - 1931)
Author - 'Brave New World'
Oscar winning Australian actress - 'The Hours'
Female singer - 'I Will Survive'
Palestinian leader from 1996 - 2004
'I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse'
Singer best known for 'Superstitious'
Silent film legend - 'The General'
President of Zimbabwe
US golfer who won 7 majors
Prolific American song composer - 'White Christmas'
Fictional spy whose nemesis is 'Dr. Evil'

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