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Can you name the famous people or characters that have 4 letters in both their first and last name?

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Star of Se7en, Ocean's Eleven & 12 Monkeys
Resident of Jellystone Park
Character played by George Clooney in the TV show 'ER'
Famous novel written by Charlotte Bronte
Youngest brother of the Bee Gees family
He hit 714 Home Runs
Immortalized by Leonardo Da Vinci
Won 4 Best Director Oscars between 1935 & 1952
Author of The Communist Manifesto
Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
'It was beauty that killed the beast'
Oscar winning actor for 'Mystic River' & 'Milk'
Original drummer of The Beatles
Shakespeare play
British supermodel
Superman's girlfriend
Oscar winning director with his brother Ethan
Had a UK No.1 hit with 'Wuthering Heights'
Troubled US golfer that won 2 majors in the 90s
Canadian songwriter - wrote the lyrics to 'My Way'
Female rock singer - 'I Love Rock N Roll'

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