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Can you name the Number, each answer is a number between 1 - 20?

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Number of states in Australia
Apollo__ was the 1st to land on the moon
Usual number of legs on a caterpillar
Only number with amount of letters equal to it's value
Songs on the Thriller album
__ x __ = 289
Golf majors won by Tiger Woods
Digit with the letters JKL on most mobile phones
Vertices of a cube
Plagues inflicted on Egypt
International dialing code for U.S and Canada is 0_
Any Warhol - Everybody will have ___ minutes of fame
Base number in the Binary code
Number of U.S presidents since 1900
8 X 3 - 11
Players on a handball team
Year the Titanic sank 19__
Oscars won by Steven Speilberg
No.of e's here - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Number of years Nelson Mandela spent imprisoned on Robben Island

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