Oakland Raiders playoff opponents

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Can you name the Oakland Raiders playoff opponents?

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1967 AFL Championship40-7 win
Super Bowl II33-14 loss
1968 Division Tiebreaker41-6 win
1968 AFL Championship27-23 loss
1969 Divisional Round56-7 win
1969 AFL Championship17-7 loss
1970 Divisional Round21-14 win
1970 AFC Championship27-17 loss
1972 Divisional Round13-7 loss
1973 Divisional Round33-14 win
1973 AFC Championship27-10 loss
1974 Divisional Round28-26 win
1974 AFC Championship24-13 loss
1975 Divisional Round31-28 win
1975 AFC Championship16-10 loss
1976 Divisional Round24-21 win
1976 AFC Championship24-7 win
Super Bowl XI32-14 win
1977 Divisional Round37-31 win (OT)
1977 AFC Championship20-17 loss
1980 Wild Card27-7 win
1980 Divisional Round14-12 win
1980 AFC Championship34-27 win
Super Bowl XV27-10 win
1982 First Round27-10 win
1982 Second Round17-14 loss
1983 Divisional Round38-10 win
1983 AFC Championship30-14 win
Super Bowl XVIII38-9 win
1984 Wild Card13-7 loss
1985 Divisional Round27-20 loss
1990 Divisional Round20-10 win
1990 AFC Championship51-3 loss
1991 Wild Card Round10-6 loss
1993 Wild Card Round42-24 win
1993 Divisional Round29-23 loss
2000 Divisional Round27-0 win
2000 AFC Championship16-3 loss
2001 Wild Card Round38-24 win
2001 Divisional Round16-13 loss (OT)
2002 Divisional Round30-10 win
2002 AFC Championship41-24 win
Super Bowl XXXVII48-21 loss

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