Amanda's Second Quiz (harder I hope)!

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Can you name the facts about Amanda???

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When I did the Variety Show with Sarah, what song did we sing?
What tv show do I DVR?
Who was my fifth grade teacher *last name only* HINT SHE WAS ON OPRAH
What brand of camera did I get for hanukkah?
What flavor chapstick is always on my desk?
What color was the lock on my locker last year?
What is my texting plan?
How many clips do I normally put in my hair?
What dangerous thing do I suck at?
What brand of pen do I use at school?
What is my favorite series?
Who is my second favorite actor?
What do I enjoy making/eating each day?
What color does my home phone light up to be?
Who was my social studies teacher last year? *last name*
What author am I always talking about? *hint: not j.k. rowling*
Where are most of my shirts from (not the track ones)
How many pets do I currently have?
Where did I work as a counselor last summer?
What color is my nerdy winter coat?

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