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What year was the Space Needle in Seattle, WA completed?
What year was the Statue of Liberty completed?
What year was Rutherford B. Hayes sworn in as President of the U.S.?
What year were the Mt. Rushmore presidential sculptures begun?
What year was Walmart founded?
What year did the McDonald brothers open their first restaurant?
What year was the Westminster Kennel Club established?
What year was the National Spelling Bee formed?
What year was the first shoe bearing the trademark Nike 'swoosh' sold?
What year was Manhattan's MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) established?
What year did Meryl Streep win an Oscar (Academy Award) for Best Actress?
What year did the Hindenburg disaster occur?
What year was Charles Lindbergh, Jr. kidnapped?
What year did the first Sears retail store open?
What year was the first Ford Model A produced?
What year was Robert F. Kennedy killed?
What year was the Golden Gate Bridge first opened for use?
What year did the original television series Star Trek begin?
What year did Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa disappear?
What year did Amelia Earhart go missing?
What year did Greg LeMond first compete in the Tour de France?
What year was Patricia Hearst kidnapped?
What year was the movie Guess Who's Coming To Dinner released?
What year did the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occur?
What year was Apple Computer established?

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