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What is Phil's profession?
'Green is good' 'Its compost tea'- who am i?
Where is Stephanie Meyer seen in the movie?
What cuisine do the Cullens cook for Bella
Anaphase, Metaphase and ...
Peter Facinelli played who in Twilight?
What is the name of the ballet studio in Pheonix?
What does Charlie give to Bella to protect herself?
Who drives their van into Bella
What does Bella tell Edward to do, to distract him whilst they drive away from the gang of men in Port Angeles?
What does Jacob tell Bella to do, to change gear, when she first gets her truck?
Where does Bella tell Mike she is going, to get out of going to the prom with him
What 3 things does Edward say the customers are thinking in the restaurant?
I can control the moods of people around me
Who named Emmett a 'Monkey Man'
What is Edwards excuse for being able to get to Bella so quickly, and for being able to stop the van from crushing her?
What does Bella order to eat in the restaurant
I was born in 1901
What excuse does Edward tell Bella, when she asks him 'Did you get contacts'
Which song (by Robert Pattinson) is played as Edward sucks the vampire venom out of Bella?
The first time Bella goes to the Diner with Charlie, what does she have to eat?
Besides surfing what is there to do at La Push
Who was the man that got killed by the nomad vampires on his boat?
What does Bella take from Arizona to Forks?
'Edwards very fast' is said by who during the baseball match?

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