Lord of the Flies Characters by quote

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Can you name the Lord of the Flies Characters by quote?

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'____ _____ _____. The Vicarage, Harcourt St. Anthony, Hants, telephone, telephone, tele--'
'A snake-thing. Ever so big.'
'I know about people. I know about me. And him.'
'But they'll be painted! You know how it is.'
'I'm not going to play any longer. Not with you.'
'Lucky he went for Jack, 'stead of us.'
'You want a real pig...because you've got to kill him.'
'Just an ordinary fire. You'd think we could do that, wouldn't you? Are we savages or what?'
'What I mean is...maybe it's only us.'
'He's a proper chief, isn't he?'

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