Demonstrative Pronoun ille, illa, illud

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Can you name the Demonstrative Pronoun ille, illa, illud?

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Case/ Gender/ NumberForm
Nominative/ Masculine/ Singular
Genitive/ Masculine/ Singular
Dative/ Masculine/ Singular
Accusative/ Masculine/ Singular
Ablative/ Masculine/ Singular
Nominative/ Masculine/ Plural
Genitive/ Masculine/ Plural
Dative/ Masculine/ Plural
Accusative/ Masculine/ Plural
Ablative/ Masculine/ Plural
Case/ Gender/ NumberForm
Nominative/ Feminine/ Singular
Genitive/ Feminine/ Singular
Dative/ Feminine/ Singular
Accusative/ Feminine/ Singular
Ablative/ Feminine/ Singular
Nominative/ Feminine/ Plural
Genitive/ Feminine/ Plural
Dative/ Feminine/ Plural
Accusative/ Feminine/ Plural
Ablative/ Feminine/ Plural
Case/ Gender/ NumberForm
Nominative/ Neuter/ Singular
Genitive/ Neuter/ Singular
Dative/ Neuter/ Singular
Accusative/ Neuter/ Singular
Ablative/ Neuter/ Singular
Nominative/ Neuter/ Plural
Genitive/ Neuter/ Plural
Dative/ Neuter/ Plural
Accusative/ Neuter/ Plural
Ablative/ Neuter/ Plural

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