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Which high school student has a baby?Season 1 and 2
Which band did Haley go on tour with?Season 2
Why did Nathan and Haley spilt up in season2?Season 2
Who shot Keith?Season 3
Who did Nathan loose his virginity to?Season 2
Who is Alex?Season 7
Are Clay and Quinn having sex?Season 7
How many times has Haley been to Jail?Season 3 and 7
What is the woman who is claming she is pregnet with Nathans baby?Season 7
Who is Dan's wife in season 7?Season 7
Which character is stalked and almost killed?Season 4
Who is she talking about, ' does brooke davis need to slap a bitch?'Season 7
Who said, ' i thought they called him skills becuase he was good on the basketball court?'Season 6
Who left Lucas at the alter?Season 5
Which 2 characters have hooked with nikki? Season 1
What was the name of the song that caused the fight between Nathan and Haley at the Winter Formal?Season 2
What song played when Nathan and Haley got married in season 3?Season 3
What's Lucas and Peyton's daughters name?Season 7
Who does Tim end up marrying?Season 5
What does Tim name his son?Season 5

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