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LyricSong TitleProduction
'We're gonna kick your a**, we're going kick your a**'AVPS
'I totes see you'MAMD
'He'd be alive, what don't you get?'AVPS
'I've seen you singin' on that stage'LWL
'Pass the ball, I know I'm on fire'MAMD
'I picked her up from heaven above'LWL
'Every night at the stroke of three'MAMD
'If we wanna make it then we're gonna have to fake it'LWL
'Can't take these stupid Muggles'AVPM
'We must unite, so we can fight!'AVPM
'My mind is racing but my heart, it beats faster'AVPS
'I've realized there is so much more'MAMD
'And Jane Austen novels!'AVPM
'When I said no, no, no'SS
'But all of that is right about to change'SS
LyricSong TitleProduction
'I knew that I was hooked'MAMD
'Will keep us in each other's hearts'AVPS
'Cause I've got arms and you've got legs'LWL
'A brilliant ballet at fifty miles an hour'SS
'What kind of game is this anyway?'LWL
'I won't let go until it turns light'LWL
'Aunts and uncles aren't quite the same'AVPM
'I can't defeat thee, so please don't eat me'AVPM
'They're so repulsive!'SS
'Let me teach a thing or two'SS
'Treat the lady right'MAMD
'And I'm having a blast, blowing s*** up'SS
'What? What the hell is this?!'AVPM
'La, la, la, la, la'AVPS
'And you were totally... pwned'AVPS

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