Mrs. Corbisiero's class

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Can you name the 19 students in Mrs. Corbisiero's class?

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_____likes acting. She is 9 years old.
____ is very good with math. He is also good at sprots.
___ can tell you any history fact off the top of her tongue.
_______ is very good at tennis and is also known as 'Mighty ...
____ is great at the piano and also plays the violin.
______ is a very clever friend to have. She is excellent at gymnastics
_____ is a talented boy who enjoys sailing.
_____ has a very good sense of humor.
______ is a smart boy, but sometimes forgets his head.
_____ is loveable, laughable girl. She enjoys sports like lacrosse.
_______ likes to day dream a lot, and most of the time he doesn't do his homework.
_____ has 3 sibling and is kind to everybody.
_____ is an honest girl who enjoys playing with her friends.
_____ always gets in fights with William, and has bright, blond hair.
___________ likes to play sports.
_____ is always a nice person to have around you.
______ is a magical girl who always takes a starring role in a show.
_____ is a sporty girl who always scores a goal in soccer.
_______ takes a journey to planet GMS while he writs a book about it.

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