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Can you name these cast and crew members of The Simpsons by credits used in the 'Treehouse of Horror' Halloween specials?

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Scary nameNormal name
Bat Groening
Nancy Bartfright
David Silv 'Aaah!' Man
Mike Skull-Eater
Julie Kadavener
Maims Hell Brooks
'Maggoty' Roswell
Ian Axed-Own-Grandma
Bone-Eater Pietila
Phone-Hacky Shearer
Pill Overdosenkirk
Gouge Eyer
Phil Hart-on-a-Stick Man
Humatt Selmanpede
Damned Cast-in-Hell-Dead-AAAH!
Guillo Tine Del Toro
Scary nameNormal name
Macabre Wallace
Yank My Area
Ghoulie Hacker
The Wolvereiss
Terror MacNihilist
Suspicious Mole H. Cohen
Tom Ghoul Mill
Mars Attacks Pross
Count Greg Danula
Daniel Cthulhun
Splat Gore-Spurtin'
I Shred Camels
Bloodunleesha Nalikillsky-Scalpan
Scary-Lyn O-Name
Th-Th-Th-That's Al, Folks!

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