Nirvana Fill-in-the-Blank

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Can you fill in the words missing from these Nirvana song titles?

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TitleMissing word
Smells Like ___ Spirit
About a ___
___-Shaped Box
You Know You're ___
___ as You Are
All ___
___ Tea
Scentless ___
___ Act
Floyd the ___
___ Cuts
Territorial ___
___ the Servants
Endless, ___
Gallons of Rubbing ___ Flow Through the Strip
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on ___
TitleMissing word
In ___
___ You
Verse ___ Verse
Radio Friendly ___ Shifter
Token ___ Song
Mr. ___
Mrs. ___
Mexican ___
Pen Cap ___
Oh, the ___
___ Queen
Help Me I'm ___
___ It
Big Long ___
Moist ___
I Hate Myself and Want to ___

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