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Finnish exampleCaseRough English equivalent
KoiraA/the dog
KoiranOf a/the dog
Koira / koiranVERB (e.g., 'I saw') a/the dog
Koiraaof a/the dog, NUMBER (e.g. 2) dogs
Koirassain a dog
Koirastaout of a dog
Koiraaninto a dog
Koirallaon a dog
Finnish exampleCaseRough English equivalent
Koiraltaoff a dog
Koiralleonto a dog
Koiranaas a dog, being a dog
Koiraksiinto a dog, becoming a dog
Koirin (plural)by means of dogs, with the help of dogs
Koirattawithout a dog
Koirineen (plural)with a dog(s)

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