Feldman or Haim?

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Can you name the Corey, Feldman or Haim, which the clue is describing?

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Which Corey...?
Was born in Canada?
Had a major crush on Heather Graham in *License to Drive*?
Voiced Donatello in *Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles*?
Played smooth-talking Mouth in *The Goonies*?
Helped his neighbour Tom Hanks in *The 'Burbs*?
Was wheelchair-bound and armed with silver bullets in, oh, *Silver Bullet*?
Hunted vampires with his brother in *The Lost Boys*?
Realised his big brother was a vampire in the *Lost Boys*?
Was intrigued by Gizmo the mogwai in *Gremlins*?
Took a beating from Amy Smart in *Crank: High Voltage*?
Which Corey...?
Appeared in the direct-to-video Lost Boys sequels?
Bonded with James Garner in *Murphy's Romance*?
Had brief romances with Alyssa Milano and Drew Barrymore?
Got married with MC Hammer officiating the wedding?
Got in on with Nicole Eggert (from Charles in Charge!) in *Blown Away*?
Had a 'looney' for a father in *Stand by Me*?
Made friends with Charlie Sheen in *Lucas*?
Voiced Copper (as a puppy) in *The Fox and the Hound*?
Testified against Michael Jackson in his child molestation trial?
Tragically died of a drug overdose in 2010?

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