A Song of Ice and Fire: Same Name Characters

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Can you name the characters with the same name in A Song of Ice and Fire?

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First CharacterNameSecond Character
Big, portly ladLittle, fox-faced lad
Called 'the Limper'Ironborn of House Kenning
Dondarrion's squireBaratheon's bastard
[Murdered Hand]Exiled Hand
Eyrie guardsmanCitadel Archmaester
Heir to Deepwood MotteLord of the Crag
[Lord of Casterly Rock]Lord of Raventree
Lord of HarlawWinterfell castellan
White Harbor maester[Ten Towers builder]
[Killed by Aerys]Killed by Robb
Son of LollysSon of Joanna
Father of ShireenSon of Davos
Called 'Blackfish'Called 'Bloodraven'
Master of CoinPimply Frey
First CharacterNameSecond Character
[Called 'the Builder']Called 'the Broken'
Called 'Usurper'Called 'Sweetrobin'
Son of RickardSon of Rickard
[Called 'White Bull']Called 'Darkstar'
Tommen's whipping boyHopeless Oldtown novice
[Called 'Conqueror']Called 'Young Griff'
Highgarden seneschalCalled 'Greyfeather'
'Sweet' Black BrotherKnight of the Bloody Gate
Called 'the Thrall'Called 'the Maid'
Frey Lord of RiverrunRainbow guard member
Tommen's HandSon of Ser Leslyn Haigh
Iron Islands kingKingsguard member
Harrenhal blacksmithSecond Sons commander
Robb's brideRamsay's bride

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