A Song of Ice and Fire: Same Name Characters

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Can you name the characters with the same name in A Song of Ice and Fire?

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First CharacterNameSecond Character
[Killed by Aerys]Killed by Robb
Called 'Blackfish'Called 'Bloodraven'
[Called 'Conqueror']Called 'Young Griff'
Tommen's whipping boyHopeless Oldtown novice
Iron Islands kingKingsguard member
Eyrie guardsmanCitadel Archmaester
White Harbor maester[Ten Towers builder]
Harrenhal blacksmithSecond Sons commander
Tommen's HandHeir to Broadmoor
Son of LollysSon of Joanna
Father of ShireenSon of Davos
Big, portly ladLittle, fox-faced lad
Called 'the Limper'Ironborn of House Kenning
Robb's brideRamsay's bride
First CharacterNameSecond Character
'Sweet' Black BrotherKnight of the Bloody Gate
Lord of HarlawWinterfell castellan
Highgarden seneschalCalled 'Greyfeather'
[Called 'the Builder']Called 'the Broken'
Called 'the Thrall'Called 'the Maid'
Son of RickardSon of Rickard
Dondarrion's squireBaratheon's bastard
[Murdered Hand]Exiled Hand
Master of CoinPimply Frey
[Called 'White Bull']Called 'Darkstar'
Heir to Deepwood MotteLord of the Crag
Called 'Usurper'Called 'Sweetrobin'
Frey Lord of RiverrunRainbow guard member
[Lord of Casterly Rock]Lord of Raventree

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