Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie by Killer Line

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Can you name the Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie by Killer Line?

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'Stay cool, bird boy!'
'He was a real pain in the neck!'
'You've just been erased!'
‘See you at the party Richter!’
'Hasta la vista, baby!'
('You can't do that!') 'Wrong!'
'You're fired!'
'You are terminated!'
‘Please don’t disturb my friend. He’s dead tired!’
'Killian, here's your Subzero, now plain zero!'
'He had to split'
('You're gonna co-operate, right?') 'Wrong!'
'Because of you a lot of people are dead. And now it’s your turn!'
'I'll be back'
'Now that hit the spot!'
'Screeeeew you!'
'Try to stay dead this time!'
'Mercy? I'm afraid that my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy.'
'Here, cool off!'
'What a hothead!'
‘Hey Claudius, you killed my father. Big mistake!’
'Knock knock!'
'You're luggage!'
‘No sequel for you!'
'Stick around!'
'Consider that a divorce!'
'Let off some steam, Bennett!'
“Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last… I lied!”
'Who said I'm fair?!'
'You think this is the real Quaid? It is!'

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