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ClueFactInformation You Would Like To Have
Anthony Santo/Steven LazzaroTheme Song
Blazer Over The ShoulderCan You Say...GAY
HERE!!!Come On Charlie
It All Started HereAnd When Was That?
Child SponsorshipPig-Face
Clap ClapHe's Got His Own Theme Song
The Wanna-be LegendThe Real Chops, Creator Of The Quiz
Mr. Flatts Single Room ApartmentYes You Look Nice Today Blasi :)
The Lunch MoleOur Beloved Lunch Mascot
Ugliest Room In The SchoolPrayer Service
Lessons From ManuelGerman Manuel
The Best Lunch OrderAll Bread, One Fake Meat
Anti-Sporcle Girl On Study HallNice Legs
Creepy Place Where Old Brothers And Nuns LiveBig Red
Live The FourthCarry The One, Multiply By Two
The Item On The Lunch Menu, That Seems To Rise In Price Every YearUsed To Be $0.85
Virtual Chem Lab, English Spare Time Spent HereChrist-O-Ball O'Hanlon
Crazy BusinessShould Be A Good Time...Literally
I Remain In Band, Although No One Quite Knows WhyObnoxiously Long Arms/OBNOXIOUS
The Real Legend's Hetro-Life MateWizard, Gotta Give You Credit
Holy Moses/Holy PlacesFirst Friday Of Every Month
Makes a Hot Britney SpearsMetro-Sexual???
ClueFactInformation You Would Like To Have
Chemistry Is Everywhere/Senior Girls SoccerHow Do You Not Know That, At The End Of The Day
I Am Supposed To Do Work???Rolling Blunts and Smoking Blunts
The Nicest Grade 9Trumpet Player, Beside Gary
My Leaders, My Baby Clara, USA, ChildMy Baby Clara
Only To Find I WENT TO THE WRONG TOMB50's radio voice
The Creator Of This Quizzes Hetro-Life Mate {The Original B.P}HE'S LITERALLY PERFECT AND SO HANDSOME
Don't Step On ItLiterally
Laura Latinovich's Prized PossessionShe's A Simple Girl
Cadillacs and DoughnutsWho Cares If It's An Ugly Number, It's Just Quickity Quick, Betty Crocker Mix
Mr. Lamberts Baby Best Way To Get Service Hours
F#$!, PhotoshopI Live In A Dungeon
He's Been Waiting To Tell That Joke For Fifteen YearsHe's Got A Cute Kid, Perfect Pitch
Got Christ?GOD, GOD, WWJD
I Have Cameras AND EyesDid Your Teacher Say That Was Okay? Just One More Announcement Before You Go, People On My Left You May Leave
We Know Who You Are.... They Stole From HereComfy
Small Gray Locker AreaGrade 12's Make Out Here
Key To The Music RoomBreakable
The Real LegendWizard, Gotta Give You Credit
Thomas Teaches Us __ __ _______ {10 words}Prayer
The Creator Of This Quizzes Hetro-Life Mate's Middle NameDamn Right
The ummm...Mascot {If You Can Say That}Propane Tanks
Not Bad You? CoachA-tall

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