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I filed a lawsuit against my parents because my sister wanted to die of leukemia
My dog is the most annoying dog in the world... until i realized how much i loved him after he died alone.
I went with my teacher who i have a crush on to a museum. too bad my girlfriend died from falling off a rope while i was gone.
I only have 21 dollars in my pocket, and i have to sleep in bathrooms.
I was in a Nazi camp then killed in a gas chamber because i hallucinated off of wine during passover.
I told my girlfriend's fiancee to kill me because i thought he killed her .. turns out she really was alive.. but now im not.
My boyfriend left me because he thought he would kill me and i would be better without him .. too bad i ended up being 'reckless'
My teacher killed the principal of our school
I had to kill my own dog whom i love before he killed me
I fell in love with a rich girl.. but then i died when our cruise ship sank and i was too stupid to sit on the floating board i gave her, so i ended up freezing to death in ice col

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