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Can you name the gold medalists in Vancouver 2010?

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Alpine Skiing
Men's Downhill 
Ladies' Downhill 
Men's Super Combined Downhill 
Ladies' Super Combined Downhill 
Men's Super-G 
Ladies' Super-G 
Men's Giant Slalom 
Ladies' Giant Slalom 
Men's Slalom 
Ladies' Slalom 
Men's Sprint 
Ladies Sprint 
Men's 12,5 km 
Ladies' 10 km 
Men's 20 km 
Ladies 15 km 
Men's 15 km mass start 
Ladies' 12,5 km mass start 
Men's 4 x 7,5 km (country) 
Ladies 4 x 6 km (country) 
Two-Man (country) 
Ladies' Heat (country) 
Four-man (country) 
Men's 15 km free 
Ladies' 10 km free 
Men's Individual Sprint Classic 
Ladies' Individual Sprint Classic 
Men's 30 km Pursuit 
Ladies' 15 km Pursuit 
Men's 50 km Classic 
Ladies 30 km Classic 
Men's Team Sprint (country) 
Ladies' Team Sprint (country) 
Men's 4 x 10 km (country) 
Ladies' 4 x 5 km (country) 
Men's (country) 
Figure Skating
Pairs skating(country) 
Ice Dance (country) 
Freestyle Skiing
Men's Moguls 
Ladies' Moguls 
Men's Ski Cross 
Ladies' Ski Cross 
Men's Aerials 
Ladies' Aerials  
Ice Hockey
Men's Singles 
Ladies' Singles 
Doubles (country) 
Nordic Combined
NH/10 km 
LH/10 km 
4 x 5 km (country) 
Short Track
Men's 500 m 
Ladies' 500 m 
Men's 1000 m 
Ladies' 1000 m 
Men's 1500 m 
Ladies' 1500 m 
Men's 5000 m (country) 
Ladies' 3000 m (country) 
Ladies' (country) 
Ski Jumping
NH Individual 
LH Individual 
Team (country) 
Men's Snowboard Cross 
Ladies' Snowboard Cross 
Men's Halfpipe 
Ladies' Halfpipe 
Men's Parallel Giant Slalom 
Ladies' Parallel Giant Slalom 
Speed Skating
Men's 500 m 
Ladies' 500 m 
Men's 1000 m  
Ladies' 1000 m 
Men's 1500 m 
Ladies' 1500 m 
Men's 5000 m 
Ladies' 3000 m 
Men's 10 000 m 
Ladies' 5000 m 
Men's Team Pursuit (country) 
Ladies' Team Pursuit (country) 

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