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AlbumSong TitleFirst Line
'3OH!3' (2007)Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, colorado
'3OH!3' (2007)Sweat, sweat, cos I'm a poisonous pill
'3OH!3' (2007)He was so clean
'3OH!3' (2007)Three-Oh [x12] I'm 'a hit you from the back
'3OH!3' (2007)I'm hot, baby, you're hot
'3OH!3' (2007)Get your hands up The sky's falling, get your hands up
'3OH!3' (2007)Tongue in cheek till a hole burns out her mouth
'3OH!3' (2007)She can heal you with the tip of her tongue
'3OH!3' (2007)I'm not coming to your party, girl.
'Want' (2008)Black dress with the tights underneath
AlbumSong TitleFirst Line
'Want' (2008)I'm not your boyfriend, baby
'Want' (2008)Oh God, God, she's really done it now
'Want' (2008)I mean what can I say, Three babies in the backseat singin' to you
'Want' (2008)Oh I see ya ya photofinnish
'Want' (2008)Go ahead and put it down, I'm drunk and so is everyone else in this devil town
'Want' (2008)Nice legs, Daisy Dukes
'Want' (2008)I got this s**t on lock
'Want' (2008)I'ma hit you from the back, I'ma hit you from the
'Want' (2008)And if i had something to say to you i'd whisper it softly
'Want' (2008)When I come up in the club

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