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Summary Musical
Hippies rebelling, singing about heads
Two faced man, literally psychotic
Based off Shakespeare's play 'Shrew'
Author's rhymes come to life
Blonde studies for law, Harvard
Summer love then Rydell High
Gender changing to perform, 'Andrews'
Bipolar mother, extremely dysfunctional family
Asian has soldier's baby, Vietnam
Demon barber makes meat pies
Transvestites listen to Dr. Frank-n-furter
Some men gamble, in love
A candymaker gives away factory
'Ross' version of adventure Oz
Cartoon characters sing about lives
Eight bohemians struggling to pay
Five daughters leave home, Jews
Blacks, Whites, Jews, musical era
Literally has no plot, animals
Young geniuses compete to win
Orphan boy struggles to live
Flapper falls in love, problems
Step, Kick, Kick, Leap, Kick...
Summary Musical
Egyptian princess, Elegant clothing applies
Sea creature dying to walk
Sick star loves poor writer
Making the world's worst musical
Monty Pythons comedy life story
Biblical brothers plot against brother
Woman goes to Jail, city
Redheaded orphan, 'Hard Knock Life'
Elvis songs with 'Twelfth Night'
Brain damage, loves an Italian
Based off painting with dots
Man teaches woman to speak
'One Night Only', We're your...
Supernanny comes to life, Disney
20's musical about teen gangsters
Four legends sing together once
Gabriella and Troy sing songs
Rough princess passes some tasks
Family of gothics need love
Ogres falls in love, fairytales
Man scams city for band
The other story of Oz
Opera singer travels in sewers
Summary Musical
Saving to use Public Amenity
Kansasian from twister to Munchkinland
French man runs from law
Ageless boy flies with girl
Dancing silverware, Beautiful and Ugly
Rumble and a dance, Maria
Inappropriate puppets, monster loves porn
Conrad bestows his final kiss
Italian man sings of problems
It's Alive!, Victor creates monster
High School of performing arts
Miners on strike, boy dances
Animal 'royalty' happens in Africa
Maria, Captain, Family Von Trapp
The bigger the hair, Television
Whatever Lola wants Lola gets
Sexuality, Germans, on stage sex
Daughter hunts for father, Greece
Latinos struggles, want the lottery
About a band of four
Human eating plant, Feed Me!
Teacher helps, Uncle Tom's Cabin

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