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Foreign TitleEnglish Translation
If You Leave Me, I Delete You (Italy)
The Gun Died Laughing (Israel)
Warm Shots (Czech Republic)
Slightly Pregnant (Peru)
His Great Device Makes Him Famous (China)
Vaseline (Argentina)
Six Naked Pigs (China)
American Virgin Man (Hong Kong)
Die Hard - Mega Hard (Denmark)
Lost In Tokyo (Israel)
Foreign TitleEnglish Translation
The Teeth from the Sea (France)
Sex Intentions (France)
I'm Drunk and You're a Prostitute (Japan)
Make Me Laugh (Spain)
Shall We Make A Porno? (Spain)
Where the Monsters Live (Spain)
My Partner with the Cold Snout (Germany)
Night Of The Knight (Spain)
Pigs And Diamonds (Mexico)
The Hole Of Malkovich (Japan)

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