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Just Saying now that some I only included people in the anime NOT in the manga and for some people I didn't know how to describe them so I didn't put them in for the time being.TYPE 'OK'
Main Female CharacterMeister
Plays PianoWeapon (scythe)
Obsessed with PowerMeister
Kind and Gentle (#3 Partner)Weapon (ninja weapons)
Obsessed with SymmetryMeister
Sister #1Weapon (gun)
Sister #2Weapon (gun)
Black Blood Test SubjectMeister
Black Blood Test Subject's WeaponWeapon (demon sword)
Snake WitchWitch
Frog WitchWitch
Immortal WerewolfWerewolf
Mouse WitchWitch
Name for the God of MadnessGod
DescriptionAnswerExtra Info
First God of Madness
Spider WitchWitch
#16 ServantName is a type of Insect
#16 ServantChainsaw
Bodyguard for Chameleon WitchSamurai
Chameleon WitchWitch
Headmaster of Death Weapon Meister Academy
#1's DadWeapon (scythe)
Youngest Death ScytheWeapon
Mad Scientist obsessed with DissectionMeister
Magical Cat
Creator of Brew
Legendary Holy Sword

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