Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Characters

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NameCharacterJumps/Extra Info
Clumsy main characterFresh Fruits Basket, Heart-Pounding Experience, Heartful Splash, Lovely Rainbow, Bloom-Bloom-Blooming Love Flowers, Crystal Splash, Miss Fairy Girl, Fresh Fruits Paradise, Valentine Sweets Parade, Aurora Rising Dream
Obsessed with Aurora RisingHeartful Splash, Colorful Choco Parade, Fun-Fun Heart Dive, Stardust Shower (Perfect), Happy Macaroon Spin, Pop'n Candy Rockets, Dolphin Venus, Super Stardust Shower, Heart-Pounding Experience, LoveLove Candy Rockets, Aurora Rising Final, Aurora Rising
Popular Idol and ModelDo-Re-Mi-Fa Slider, Golden Star Magic, Stardust Shower, Throbbing Memory Leaves, Sweet Honey Kiss, Miracle Macchiato, Shiny Diamond Dust Burning, Eternal Big Bang Beautiful Garden
Leader of Callings and Designer of the store Prism StoneInfinite Hugs, L-O-O-K
#15 Brother and also part of CallingsShooting Star Spiral, Sweet-sweet Whisper
Likes #3 and part of CallingsHeart Warming Shower, Dangerous Baby Face
Can sense star aura, scouted #1Half Siblings with #8
President of Pretty TopHalf Siblings with #7
Teacher at Pretty TopHates being called a stuffed animal
NameCharacterJumps/Extra Info
Manager at Pretty TopCarries #9 on his shoulders
Pair-Cheer Mascot, belongs to #1
Pair-Cheer Mascot, belongs to #2
Pair-Cheer Mascot, belongs to #3
Sere-non 'Devil'
Sere-non 'Angel' and #5 sisterLovely Rainbow, Smile-Smile Heart Dive, Smile-Smile Heart Dive Laugh Blast
#2's MomAurora Rising
#16 Coach for Aurora Rising#7 and #8 Mom
Used to be in the circus and calls #16 'Mom'Hip Hop Win, Fresh Fruits Basket, Stardust Shower Perfect, Aurora Rising

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