Borderlands Gun Brands

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If it took more than one shot you weren't using a _____
Buy a _____ and you too can feel what its like to have the power of the gods in your hands.
____ guns absorb alot of recoil allowing you to stay accurate throughout the fight.
pew pew pew
_______ ask what ood is a gun that doesn't shoot where you point _____ guns ask accurate as you are.
Is shooting bullets just not cool enough for you? The buy a _____ and light some people on fire!
Tech plus ammo Capacity equals I win!
If you're in a budget ______ is always the way to go.
Now with 400 percent more awsome also _____ doesn't make their guns out of friggin' wood.
Wanna shoot alot of bullets really fast ______ has got you covered.
you know what really grinds my gears...

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