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magical humanoid plant that shares its name with a boring non-magical plant?
train station in London which is a major terminus for Muggle and magical transit?
name of the most significant tournament in both Quidditch and association football?
famous Arthurian sorcerer known to both Muggles and wizards?
only course that is taught at both Harvard and Hogwarts?
title for students who are granted some authority at Hogwarts and many Muggle schools?
common mode of transportation for Muggles and wizards, but with very different vehicles?
winter holiday celebrated at Hogwarts and among many Muggles worldwide?
popular board game played by Muggles and wizards, albeit with slight variations?
only position in both association football and Quidditch?
auror employed by both the Ministry of Magic and the Muggle Prime Minister?
magical fire creature that shares its name with a slimy non-magical animal?
city in New England famous for witchcraft to both Muggles and wizards?
city that is the British seat of power for both Muggles and wizards?
Germanic script studied by Muggles for its historic value and wizards for its magical power?
term for a Muggle with a growth condition or a magical being known for size and violence?
car driven by many Muggles, and flown by a few mischievous wizards?
alchemist who studied the philosopher's stone, known to both Muggles and wizards?
saint who is the founder of Glasgow to Muggles and a famous healer to wizards?
allowed first-year pet that is most popular with Muggles?

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